Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bank Sales Job Singapore

Hi There, I work as a Sales Manager in a bank in Singapore. We deal in many corporate banking products which we market to companies in need of Business Banking Services. It is heaps of fun working in a banking sales environment but first of all, to be suited for a position like this, one has to have several traits. These traits include self-discipline, self-motivation, lots of drive, creativity, sincerity, honesty, humbleness, personal-grooming, like to spend some working hours out of the office, friendly, good first impression creator, speak a number of languages, resourceful, willingness to work outside office hours, like to meet people, and last but certainly not least and in fact most importantly, Constant Prayers to meet the right clients are needed. The last point applies to me as I am Christian. =) If anyone wants to know more, please email me: blued3838(at)gmail(dot)com