Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some Lousy Customers

So far, we have been talking about certain irresponsible bank sales staff and their inconsiderate actions, however, there are also some lousy customers who take advantage of the sales staff and make their lives difficult by wasting alot of these bank sales staff's time.
There is a customer who would, for the slightest reason, ask a bank sales staff to go to his office to meet him. After a few days, he would ask him down again, and everytime, just to chat a bit more about the bank product, but not signing up for it. How annoying and frustrating.

Some Female Bank Staff Would Misunderstand This Chap

There is a charming and gentlemanly guy in the department who would respect ladies in the most utmost ways. He is a friendly chap who means no harm towards the opposite sex. However, some ladies would misunderstand him as he makes friends rather easily with the girls and would ask them out for lunch, sometimes one-to-one, sometimes in a group.
Well, can't blame the girls because there are so many black sheeps in the bank who spoil market by always targeting the girls as sex objects.
Thank God, there are some girls who know his true intentions and reciprocate his sincere niceness.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bank Sales Manager: 200% of Sales Target

A colleague of mine, from another branch, would every 3 months or so, achieve 200% of the sales target set for the month and earns about $10,000 of commission. Basic is roughly $3,000 plus, so that works out to be about $13,000-$14,000.
That is alot of money. Of course this doesn't happen every month, but once in 3 months with the other 2 months getting about $8,000-$9,000 for the 2 months is not bad at all.
That makes a total of about $20,000-$23,000 for 3 months of work.
Multiply that by 4, you can guess how much this colleague of mine makes in a year, not forgetting some bonuses as well.
Lucrative business, but only for a few. Most bankers make just enough to survive.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Earning A Comfortable Living

Is it possible to earn a comfortable living working in sales? With God's Help, I believe so. Thank God for that.
Sales is similar to running a business, where there are costs and revenue to take into account.
As long as one is honest and sincere towards customers, sales will keep coming. As one of my readers said in one of the comments, honest is the best policy. Trust is the key when it comes to business, and when businessmen/women can trust a person or a salesperson, in this case, a bank salesperson, the deals will follow.
Thank God for that.

Working Smart

In life, there are always ways to work smart in addition to working hard. I have been working hard all this while, but I would now try to change focus and work a little bit smarter.
When the office is full of people and is totally not conducive to working, I would try to avoid it by arranging to meet customers either at the bank or at their office. And when it is after office hours, I would then stay back in the office to do my work. Otherwise, it is really very unproductive to work in a noisy and interruptive environment.
Pray that it will work for me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ugly Side of Bank Sales

There is another type of bank sales manager who would quote customers cut-throat rates with the intention of making the highest commission in the quickest amount of time.
No qualms about 'cheating' customers. These sort of sales people are unscrupulous, no ethics at all. How would they feel if the tables are turned and they are being 'cheated'?
It is always better to be honest even if it means working harder and putting in the extra hours to earn the same amount of money as someone who takes the easy way out and 'cheats' customers.
In the long run, you would defintely see the benefits of loyalty from customers and referrals etc.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hardworking and Ambitious Bank Sales Manager

There is a female bank sales manager who is very hardworking and ambitious. She has looks of a model and is tall enough to be one. She can easily be a full-time model or stewardess but she chose a bank sales career instead and is doing really well.
When she first joined the bank about a year ago, most people did not think much of her, except for her good looks. Most thought that she is a bimbo who would only know how to enjoy life by visiting night spots and hanging out with men. However, she proved them wrong by excelling in what she does. And she does not do well because she offers any extra services to customers, I know what some of you are thinking, she does her work in a professional way, without any form of hanky-panky.
For the past few months, she has achieved the highest of targets at the work place and her salary would surpass that of an average model or stewardess and she has that sense of job satisfaction.
She has defied all odds against her to excel at what she does, (most people thought she could only play and enjoy and lead the life of a bimbo), but she has proven them wrong. Well done. Hats off.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Have you ever wished that someone at your workplace is not working there?

I have this colleague who is totally insensitive to others. This colleague would talk and laugh loudly and come over to your desk to 'disturb' you. It does not mean that when you are free, others are free too. You have to learn to watch the body language of others and ascertain if they are also in the mood for play, if they are busy and stressed, please give them some space and privacy. Totally cannot tolerate people like that!!!!!
I dont know if anyone else have encountered this before at the workplace?

Banking Crisis Over?

Have a look at this article. Has the crisis moved out of the doldrum period? At least in the UK?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busybody Sales Staff

There are also some sales people who are such a busybody. They would like to find out about people's private lives by asking all sorts of 'out of line' questions.
I mean, you can ask, but if the person answering shows that he/she is uncomfortable answering, then you should stop probing.
These busybodies would like to watch which guy is talking to which girl and conclude that the guy likes that girl or vice versa.
They would then go to the girl and stare at her face and ask her uncomfortable questions. I am thinking they are doing this to see what sort of girls that guy likes.
And the worst part is they are so rough with their words and they talk so loudly, totally not lady-like. And they like to argue with guys over small issues and must always 'win' the arguments.
I have never seen such insensitive girls before.