Saturday, November 28, 2009

Banking & Finance Students - Ugly Side of Banking Continued

There is another type of lousy manager who, for the sake of cutting costs to increase his/her own bonus, will have no qualms about pressuring you to quit.

He/she will identify those who do not suck up to him/her and make life difficult for them before pushing them to their limits and eventually getting them out of the organisation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Banking & Finance Students - Part 3 The Ugly Side of Banking

There are also times when new fresh graduates have to face bosses who do not walk the talk, these bosses do not practise what they preach.
They insist that everybody be punctual and hardworking and stick to lunch hours, but they themselves break the rules and do hanky panky stuff behind the scenes.
They may say they are at meetings at other office locations but in reality, they are just out doing things that they want to do besides work.
Poor workers in the office are the ones doing the dirty job.
Of course, there are nice bosses who walk the talk but they are in the minority.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

For Banking & Finance Students - Part 2 Ugly Side Of Banking

There will also be bosses who give work or projects to these new banking executives or officers and do not give proper instructions as to what it is that is required for the project. Most times, these bosses are clueless about what the project is all about so they cannot give proper guidance. They appear to know alot but in reality, they know next to nothing.
Most of these bosses climb the corporate ladder by playing politics and mingling with the powerful people. They are not in the position because of pure hard work. So that's the reason why they are actually imcompetent and can offer little or no guidance to a new fresh graduate bank officer.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Banking & Finance Students - Part I (The Ugly Side)

There will be bosses who prey on sweet young things (SYT). These male bosses cannot control their male urges and will want to get close to those new young fresh female graduates.
They will find ways to give personal coaching to these girls, find excuses to 'test' their knowledge of bank products, put them in different scenarios to 'test' their effectiveness in dealing with various situations, and a whole lot more other silly excuses.